Photo of 4 motorbikes racing around a corner - Action Photography - Classic Bike Racing

Enjoy the atmosphere of the Anglesey Circuit at this Welshot Action Photography – Classic Bike Racing photographic workshop, whilst learning how to capture classic motorcycles racing around one of the most picturesque circuits in the country. During the day there will be plenty of opportunity for 1:1 tuition, learning how to master the art of panning. During the day you will visit the pit area, helping you to get up close to the motorcycles being prepared for racing. As a photographer, this gives you an opportunity to build up a story of the day in photos.

An image graphic advertising An Open Evening With The Welshot Photographic Academy - Features photos of flowers, people red peppers and elephants

Welshot is BACK! Charge your batteries, grab your camera, it’s time for ‘An Open Evening with the Welshot Photographic Academy’. It’s been a long two years since we’ve been able to have a ‘Welshot Open Evening’ and tonight, at the Chester Crowne Plaza, we are raring to go. We are ready to help you learn your camera, ready to help you make some great images, ready to inspire, motivate and support you in all things photography. Whether you are a beginner to photography , a seasoned enthusiast, or you just want to meet some like-minded people, Welshot can help and Tonight we are ready to introduce you to Team Welshot and show you how we can help you get the best out of your camera.

Photography & Period Costumes on Location at The Bulkeley Hotel - Photo of a female models wearing a period costume leaning on a pillar and looking into the distance

Mains studio flash, off camera flash, photography and period costumes on location at The Bulkeley Hotel – what more could the portrait photographer possibly want or need. At this Anglesey Photographic Academy Evening your models will be wearing authentic costumes from the Cambria Costume House. We will have at least one mains studio flash set up with various backgrounds and props and we will also be using off camera flash on locations in and around the hotel – including the ornate grand staircase and ballroom. Tonight, you will also learn precision, where to place the light, and how it falls on your subject can dramatically affect the look of your image.