What Welshot is About

Understanding how your camera works will help you to create and make wonderful images that you are not just satisfied with, but images you can be proud of. That’s what the Welshot Photographic Academy teaches you to do.

Our team have expertise in every photographic genre – and they are all willing to help you get the best out of your camera. They won’t just tell you though. They will show you, guide you, support you and encourage you to try, try, and try some more. At our photographic workshops, courses, and events. Our Welshot Team Leaders will go the extra mile to make sure you go home happy, buzzing, excited and inspired to get your camera out even more.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

~ Benjamin Franklin

We love those “Lightbulb” moments – they happen all the time, especially when we help someone to ‘Get Off Auto’ mode and use their camera to its full potential.

Why not let Team Welshot help YOU to get the best out of YOUR camera!



What’s Your role within Welshot?

One half of Welshot, the one that does all the techy bits with camera and photographic kit. I also do the One to Ones with our Welshotters

What gives you the most satisfaction?

Seeing the looks on peoples faces when they get that WOW moment after looking at the back of their camera.

Colour or Black and White?

Pretty easy for me, I was brought up in the days of black and white and have spent a lot of years hidden away in the darkroom

Describe Yourself.

Our Welshotters call me a “Human Camera Manual” – all I know is that I love to learn – anything from new photographic techniques to the latest camera or lighting equipment and then all I want to do is pass that knowledge on to those who want to learn too…



What’s Your role within Welshot?

I organise, I research, I help Members and I am obsessive about customer care and good service. Mix that with my love of photography and it creates my passion for what I do in Welshot.

What gives you the most satisfaction?

I absolutely love how excited Members are when they see their work in print, which is happening more and more every week.

If you were offered £1000 to give up your mobile for a week could you do it?

Not a frigging chance in hell! Not for all the tea in China! I wouldn’t even last an hour?

Describe Yourself.

A Kiwi living in North Wales, Passionate about Photography. Sold on Social Media. Bonkers about Books. Dedicated to helping people fly and achieving their dreams

From Welshotter to Welshot Team Leader

Welshot grows from within…

All our Team Leaders started their Welshot journey as a Member. By recruiting from within this ensures that we have all our Team Leaders singing from the same hymn sheet in regards to our ethos, how we like to work, how we want our Academy Members to be looked after and treated and how we run the Photographic Academy as a whole.

Welshot is a lot more than just workshops and events and this is only properly understood by being a Member and going through all the relevant in-house training.


After group workshops and a one to one with Eifion I gained confidence with posing and lighting, and ultimately started to undertake shoots independently.

Now I get asked to take people’s portraits – a position I would not be in were it not for the friendliness and expertise of everyone at Welshot! I have even had my photos (and words) published in photography and lifestyle magazines. I joined Welshot in 2011 as a long term hobbyist photographer, because the one thing I did not feel I could teach myself was portraiture. No-one would pose for me, to start with! I was concerned that workshops would mean delegates would all be taking the same shot, but I needn’t have been worried. Team leaders and delegates alike were welcoming and informative, and individual creativity is encouraged.


Welshot was the brainchild of Lee Iggulden – in 2008 ago she was asked to leave her camera club, being told she did not quite fit it… Lee wanted to learn “HOW” to get the best from her camera – to understand how it worked and how to make and create images she could see in her mind’s eye through her camera and lens.

Enter stage left – Eifion Williams, a friend from the same camera club, who was working as a second Tog doing wedding photography in the weekends and following his passion for action and portraiture
photography in his spare time.

Long story short, they joined forces and created the Welshot Photographic Academy – with the simple aim of those who wanted to learn how to get the best from their camera could have a safe, fun, non-competitive and affordable environment in which to do so.

Our Academy Members are the single most important part of Welshot, they are what matters the most regarding how we work, therefore, it is imperative we have the right people as part of our Team to help inspire, motivate, and support.

Team Leaders are knowledgeable, skilled and have been working professionally or as a serious photographer for many years. They are willing to pass on their skills and knowledge without a second thought to themselves, and they do so in such a way that makes you feel comfortable, which, in turn helps you to learn quickly and have that “light bulb” moment.

“We love those “light bulb” moments – they happen all the time…”

We also utilise the talents of our Membership by nurturing and developing 80% of our future Team Leaders – this way it ensures that we have all our Team Leaders singing from the same song sheet regarding our ethos, how we like to work, how we want our Academy Members to be looked after and treated and how we run the Photographic Academy as a whole.

First and foremost, it is about our Members’ needs and egos are left in the car park.

From beginner to serious enthusiast, you only need two things to become a Welshot Photographic Academy Member – A camera and a strong desire to want to learn how to use it.