Photo of 4 motorbikes racing around a corner - Action Photography - Classic Bike Racing

Enjoy the atmosphere of the Anglesey Circuit at this Welshot Action Photography – Classic Bike Racing photographic workshop, whilst learning how to capture classic motorcycles racing around one of the most picturesque circuits in the country. During the day there will be plenty of opportunity for 1:1 tuition, learning how to master the art of panning. During the day you will visit the pit area, helping you to get up close to the motorcycles being prepared for racing. As a photographer, this gives you an opportunity to build up a story of the day in photos.

Themed Photo-Shoot: Film Noir Photography with Welshot - Black and White Photo of Woman at a card table with a man in uniform hovering in background

Film Noir Photography – a style or genre of cinematographic film marked by a mood of pessimism, fatalism, and menace. Originally applied (by a group of French critics) to American thriller or detective films made in the period 1944–54 and to the work of directors such as Orson Welles, Fritz Lang, and Billy Wilder, at this themed photo-shoot by Welshot you will be using Off Camera Flash as well as Studio Mains Flash using elements such as cynical heroes (Your models), stark lighting effects and learning how to use lighting modifier, special effects and props to tell a story in your photography of intrigue and mystery.

The Welshot Photographic Academy event on ‘How to Get Published’ left me excited and inspired to consider how I might use the growing catalogue of photographs filling my computer’s hard drive.

At the start of this Welshot event, we were asked what we wanted to get out of it. This started the cogs in my brain whirring as I thought about where I’d like to take my photography, and how I might make some money out of my images. I told the group how I’ve considered making cards and calendars of the local area to sell in my local shops, and that I’d like to improve my travel blog and make some money out of that.