When we started Welshot in 2009 we very quickly set some ground rules about what we would and wouldn’t do at our events. Our criteria for these rules were purely based on what we ourselves would like from a photography session day, event or workshop. After once being told, that we could now start shooting, … Read more

Creative Lighting Techniques at the Welshot Creative Hub - Description of a photo of a female model with a red tartan dress and a black leather biker jacket with her hands on a hip. The background is black and grey with a pattern projected onto the background

Creative Lighting Techniques at the Welshot Creative Hub in Llandudno, North Wales is a day specifically deigned to help you look at, and use, photographic lighting in more creative ways.  From studio mains flash lighting to off camera flash, from learning how to use gels, to projected shapes onto your background.  From using one light to using four lights, from learning how to use different types of reflectors, modifiers and off camera flash – this day will have it all for those who are interested in studio portrait photography.  This day is perfect for the beginner and more advanced photographer who would like to capture a specific look in their camera for their portfolio.

Lighting for Studio Portraiture- Colour Photograph of a Girl posing in the Welshot Photographic Academy Studio in Llandudno

This Lighting for studio portraiture using studio mains flash for is a practical, hands on Welshot Academy Evening for all photography enthusiasts wanting to learn how to creatively shoot portraits using flash studio lights. Learning about lighting, and how it works, is the single most important thing you can learn when it comes to your portrait photography. Rembrandt, butterfly, side and split lighting, using grids, getting creative, learning to see (and shoot) in black and white will help you to create, learn and inspire your photography. Your studio mains flash for his photography workshop will be taking place at The Bulkeley Hotel, Beaumaris, Anglesey.

Macro Photography - Image is a flying insect landing on a stick

Macro photography (or close-up photography) is a photographic genre that some people struggle with but at this Welshot Photographic Academy Evening, based in the Welshot Creative Hub, Llandudno, Team Welshot will take you through step by step of everything you need to do to create some stunning macro photography images. Working with ethically sourced bugs, insects and critters and man-made objects will ensure you will still get an evening of photography if the weather is not kind – if it is, we will, at some stage of the evening, go on a bug hunt around the 16 Trinity House buildings.

Christmas Food & Product Photography

Christmas Food and Product Photography can be one of the most creative photographic genres, if not, the most cheerful. At this Welshot photographic workshop you will learn how to capture the delights of the Christmas season – from glittering Christmas trees decorated with all manner of baubles to beautifully wrapped chocolate boxes. Learn how to make images of icing sugar dusted mince pies to creating bokeh studded photos that will proudly grace your portfolio. If you are interested, this event is perfect for the photographer wanting to create and make stick images.

Fine Art Floral Photography & Editing Techniques at the Welshot Creative Hub – At this photographic workshop you will spend the Morning learning how to choose your flowers, props, style, compose, light your subject, and use your camera to make your photograph. You will also learn how to make your own textures and backgrounds for your fine art photographs.

Photo of the night sky over a lake - Astro Photography - How To Shoot the Night Sky – Cwm Idwal Snowdonia – Mini Module with Masterclass

Astro photography – How to shoot the night sky. Join the team from Welshot for an Evening of night photography. From low-light, long exposures to how to photograph the night sky this Welshot photographic event at Cwm Idwal in Snowdonia will keep you and your camera busy taking stunning images from before sunset to long after the sun has gone down. You will learn how to make long exposures to capture the lake and sky as well as clouds and dramatic mountain landscape in low light conditions. For those who would like to learn the art of light painting, we will be lighting up the picturesque bridge that leads up to the lake.

Food Styling & Photography - Anglesey Photographic Academy Evening - Photo showing Glass jar of Olive Oil, Olives, Garlic and Cheese

Food styling and photography, that’s what’s happening at the Welshot Photographic Academy Evening at The Bulkeley Hotel  in Beaumaris, Anglesey this Month. You will learn how to use props to style with your food, composition and lighting. From Flat-lay to creative photogenic angles, from bokeh to crisp sharp images – your main aim is to leave having not only learned a thing or three about food photography but have a selection of images worthy of any food magazine.

Photography & Period Costumes on Location at The Bulkeley Hotel - Photo of a female models wearing a period costume leaning on a pillar and looking into the distance

Mains studio flash, off camera flash, photography and period costumes on location at The Bulkeley Hotel – what more could the portrait photographer possibly want or need. At this Anglesey Photographic Academy Evening your models will be wearing authentic costumes from the Cambria Costume House. We will have at least one mains studio flash set up with various backgrounds and props and we will also be using off camera flash on locations in and around the hotel – including the ornate grand staircase and ballroom. Tonight, you will also learn precision, where to place the light, and how it falls on your subject can dramatically affect the look of your image.

Walking with Your Camera - A Guided Photo Walk with Helen Iles - Photo showing a building in the woods at Bodnant gardens

Our first Walking with Your Camera – A Guided Photo Walk with Helen Iles for 2022 and it’s a Welshot Mini Module with Masterclass – on this photographic event which takes place in the stunning Bodnant Gardens in North Wales we are going to help you get the best from your camera. In our Welshot master-class you will learn the photographic technique of ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) and learn how to compose your images. Walking with your camera is about being in the great outdoors and capturing the surroundings in your camera. From long exposures to abstract water compositions to macro and close-up photography, capturing the flora and fauna, this day has it all for the photographer.