Seascapes & Sunsets in Llandudno - Roving Photographic Academy Evening

Piers & Promenades in Llandudno – A WelshotRewards Day

Piers and Promenades, this photographic adventure will have it all, from architecture to artistic angles, from North Shore to West Shore, this WelshotRewards Day for Members is the perfect day for those who like to be out and about with their camera capturing the beauty of the world around them.  Llandudno, Queen of the Resorts has it all for the photographer – historic piers, photogenic promenades lined on one side with a wide open expanse of the Llandudno North Shore, to the Victorian listed buildings that will provide you with the features of the colourful architecture. After photographing the pier and bay, we will then move to West Shore and there you will find rock pools and sandy beaches with a backdrop of the Welsh hills and Anglesey in distance – from which the sun will set behind, hopefully giving us a wonderful golden hour, a colourful sunset and magnificent light in what photographers call the blue hour.  If you want to set yourself a bit of a photographic challenge – we’ve got just the one for you!