Dance Portrait Photography in Chester

Ballet shoes, tutus and graceful movements – that’s what the Welshot Team will be helping you to capture in your camera at this Dance Portrait Photography workshop in Chester.  This will be a day of creating images using two different lighting set ups.  In the studio using mains flash and outside, on location using off camera flash.  From unique, specifically printed for Welshot, backdrops in a studio environment, to using the historic backdrop of Chester outside locations you will, on this photography workshop be making and creating stunning images for your photographic portfolio.  You will learn how to use your shutter speed to create a variety of effects in camera – from long exposures to freezing movement. Portraiture photography is a great skill to learn and on this event we will be using a variety of lighting to capture a range of different looks.  From head shots to our dancers leaping this day will have it all.

Colour Photo of a group of girls from the Street Dance Troupe Autonomy in Chester - Dancing on Location Off Camera Flash Photography at the Welshot Photographic Academy Evening

Dancing on Location – Off Camera Flash Photography. Learn how to balance flash with natural lighting as you capture the movement of classically trained dancers and the award winning street dance troupe Autonomy in your camera. From long exposures to posing your models and dancers. From capturing movement to making dramatic images for your portfolio – this Welshot Academy Evening in Chester will have it all regardless of your level or skill.