Black and White Photo of Female Model lying on sofa with photographic studio lighting lighting her at a Welshot Photographic Academy Portfolio Building Session Day

Member Showcase – Robert Jones and Building a Portfolio Each month we showcase a Welshot Photographic Academy Member and for October 2023 it’s the turn of Robert Jones. Robert, by his own admission, prefers portrait photography to any other photographic genre. Robert also sees the value in building a portfolio, continued professional development, and believes … Read more

Piers & Portrait Photography – Llandudno & Colwyn Bay

It’s all about Piers & Portraits and off camera flash photography at this on location photo-shoot Welshot full day photo-shoot in Llandudno, North Wales. Our Model(s) will be wearing a wide range of fashion outfits and posing against the beautiful backdrop of the Llandudno Bay, otherwise known as the Queen of Resorts, specifically, the pier, the promenade and the colonnades.  Team Welshot will be helping you to create and make some great portrait images using off camera flash as well as using the available natural light. After a refreshment break, we will then move to Colwyn Bay to for the next session – capturing our portraits using the “Golden” and “Blue” hours before and after sunset.  From simple and elegant headshots on the pier and promenade, to dramatic and creative poses on the new Colwyn Bay Pier this event will be perfect for those who want to learn the techniques and skills required to capture some stunning portraits.  We even have a back-up plan if the weather isn’t playing ball!

Lighting Techniques for Studio Portraiture – Chester Photographic Academy Evening

This Lighting Techniques for Studio Portraiture – Chester Photographic Academy Evening event is for all photography enthusiasts who are wanting to learn about photographic lighting.  During the evenings workshop you will be using mains studio lights and off camera flash. Learning about lighting, and how it works, is the single most important skill to have when when it comes to your portrait photography. Working with our Welshot Models you will try you hand at Rembrandt, butterfly, side and split lighting.  You will be using grids, modifiers and getting creative, learning to see (and shoot) in black and white and working with coloured gels. This studio mains and off camera flash photography workshop will be taking place at The Chester Crowne Plaza.

Portrait Photography – Portfolio Building Session at the Welshot Creative Hub
Friday Night is Studio Night with Mode Olga Solomakhina

Tonight at the Welshot portfolio building session we are excited to have Olga Solomakhina as our model.  The “Welshot Friday Night is Studio Night” sessions, based at the Welshot Creative Hub in Llandudno North Wales are the perfect opportunity for you to get creative, work with models, build yourself a photographic portfolio, learn about studio (Mains Flash and Off Camera Flash) lighting and help you to keep up to date with the latest techniques, skills and equipment. Limited to FIVE photographers, your model will be in working in at least two different studio set-ups during these portfolio building sessions.  You will get 1:1 and Group tuition and training to help, support and guide you through what can often be thought of as a confusing and complex genre of photography. These, dedicated to learning all things studio lighting for photography sessions, will have you taking and making portrait images that you will be proud to show off.

Image of a young lady wearing a white shirt and pink and white check 1960's trousers - with a dark blue background - taken on a Friday Night is Studio Night Portfolio Building Session with the Welshot Photographic Academy in Llandudno, North Wales

Tonight at the Welshot portfolio building session it is all about the props, from clothes to furniture, from backgrounds to accessories.  Our model will be sporting a number of different looks with at least two costume/outfit changes.  You will be learning how to positron your furniture, props, accessories and lighting to compliment your model and give you the best possible composition for your photograph.  You will be using studio mains, and off camera flash lighting techniques in the studio itself as well as using the buildings features to capture your portrait photos for your portfolio.

Portrait Photography – Friday Night is Studio Night – July Session at the Welshot Creative Hub. Tonight our model is a trained dancer (ballet) who will be rocking the studio, in a wide variety of ballet poses, wearing a selection of authentic dance costumes (including tutus) and props.  You will be learning how to set-up, use and work the lighting specifically for full body portraiture. We will also be showing you how you can create your own simple but effective backdrops at home using easily sourced items as props without costing you a fortune. From learning how to pose your model to the best lighting (types of) and modifiers to use to make the images you want to create. From using props, backgrounds, and gels to understanding the correct settings, camera functions, lenses, and focal lengths to use for portraiture and studio photography.

On Location Portrait & Fashion Photography with Katey (Model) – Llandudno North Wales

It’s promising to be a fantastic opportunity to shoot with Katey at this Welshot fashion and portrait photographic event in Llandudno, North Wales – Shooting with off camera flash, Katey will be modelling stunning costumes, outfits, props and accessories in a wide variety of locations around this beautiful seaside town.  It’s a great chance to shoot with Katey and to build your photographic portfolio.


Cosplay Meets Photography – Chester Photographic Academy Evening

It’s all about portraiture photography with a difference at this Welshot Photographic Academy Evening in Chester! If you want to learn about lighting and how to use it effectively for the different effects it can give you, then this is the session for you.  From using one light, two lights, then three, then four lights, you will learn how to “Build” your set, taking your photos as you go along and seeing the differing results that each stage gives you.  We will also be adding gels into the mix as well as modifiers.  If that’s not enough, your model(s) will be Cosplayers – dressed in unique costumes which will provide you with vibrant fun characters to capture in your camera while learning/honing your portraiture skills.  We can promise you that you will leave this photography adventure with having learnt a thing or three and a memory card full of images that you will be proud to have in your portfolio.

Dance Portraiture on Location in Manchester – Off Camera Flash Photography

Join Team Welshot, Miss Ellie and her students of The Dance Company for a day of portrait and dance photography on location in the Castlefield area of Manchester.  Using Off Camera Flash and natural/ambient lighting we will be working in small groups with 1:1 and group tuition to help you learn the skills and techniques needed to capture stunning portraits, movement and action, and classical ballet poses.  Your backdrop to capture your images will be the vibrant Castlefields, from the viaduct arches to the Castlefield Bowl, from canals to bridges and even a Roman fortification, this location will provide you with a wide variety of shooting experiences.

Your Dancers will be wearing classical dance costumes, think tutus and floating, swishy dresses but we will also have some styled, themed costumes with lots of props and accessories – think Bonnie & Clyde, and other themes, which will lend itself perfectly to this location.  Your Dancers/Models will be both Male and Female of varying ages but all will be led by Miss Ellie – ensuring that you will get photographs that have been perfectly posed and technically correct. From En Pointe to jumps, from posed headshots to those tiny details – this unique day of dance photography will be sure to enhance your skill and technical level and your photographic portfolio.