When we started Welshot in 2009 we very quickly set some ground rules about what we would and wouldn’t do at our events. Our criteria for these rules were purely based on what we ourselves would like from a photography session day, event or workshop. After once being told, that we could now start shooting, … Read more

Portrait Photography - Friday Night is Studio Night - Welshot Creative Hub

Portrait Photography – Friday Night is Studio Night at the Welshot Creative Hub. This Welshot Photographic Academy Evening, based at the Welshot Creative Hub in Llandudno North Wales will be the perfect opportunity for you to get creative, work with models, build yourself a photographic portfolio, learn about studio (Mains Flash and Off Camera Flash) lighting and help you to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques, skills and equipment. Limited to eight photographers, with at least two different studio set-ups during the course of this Evening photography workshop you will get One to One and Group tuition and training to help, support and guide you through what can often be thought of as a confusing and complex genre of photography.  This, dedicated to learning all things studio lighting for photography course, will have you taking and making portrait images that you will be proud to show off.  

Anglesey Bridges at Night – Low-Light Photography –  the September Welshot Roving Photographic Academy Evening is guaranteed to have you using your camera in low-light conditions and learning how to shoot long exposures.  If architectural photography is your jam then this is the photographic workshop event for you.  From Telford’s Menai Bridge to Robert Stephensons Britannia Bridge, which both connect the Island of Anglesey to the mainland of North Wales, these photogenetic structures will both delight and reward the photographer. Starting from the Coed Cyrnol Car Park, we will be walking along the Belgium Promenade, stopping at Llandysilio Island (otherwise known as Church Island) to capture the Britannia Bridge in all her splendour, before heading towards, and underneath, the magnificent Telford’s Bridge.  As we walk up to, onto and over the Menai Bridge itself we will capture this historical structure from both sides and all angles in our cameras.  If time permits, we can then make our way, by car, to the local lookout layby near to the A55 (and Britannia Bridge) so you can capture both bridges in all their glory as you head home from a wonderful evening of low-light, long exposure and architectural photography. 

Photographic Themed Photo-Shoot - Mad Hatters and Alice in Wonderland. Photo is of two female models as the Queen of Hearts and King of Hearts and the Male Model is the Knave of Hearts

The full day themed photo-shoot event, Mad Hatters was a long time coming. It was well worth the wait however when Models, the Cambria Costume House and Team Welshot all came together at the Chester Crowne Plaza on Sunday 14th August to bring eighteen passionate photographers a great day of photography. From beginning to end the models danced, posed and portrayed the Lewis Carroll characters in six full studio set-ups, complete with bespoke backdrops and props which included a full-size dolls house, pink flamingos, knitted cupcakes, and a large assortment of teapots, cups and saucers.

Creative Lighting Techniques at the Welshot Creative Hub - Description of a photo of a female model with a red tartan dress and a black leather biker jacket with her hands on a hip. The background is black and grey with a pattern projected onto the background

Creative Lighting Techniques at the Welshot Creative Hub in Llandudno, North Wales is a day specifically deigned to help you look at, and use, photographic lighting in more creative ways.  From studio mains flash lighting to off camera flash, from learning how to use gels, to projected shapes onto your background.  From using one light to using four lights, from learning how to use different types of reflectors, modifiers and off camera flash – this day will have it all for those who are interested in studio portrait photography.  This day is perfect for the beginner and more advanced photographer who would like to capture a specific look in their camera for their portfolio.

Lighting for Studio Portraiture- Colour Photograph of a Girl posing in the Welshot Photographic Academy Studio in Llandudno

This Lighting for studio portraiture using studio mains flash for is a practical, hands on Welshot Academy Evening for all photography enthusiasts wanting to learn how to creatively shoot portraits using flash studio lights. Learning about lighting, and how it works, is the single most important thing you can learn when it comes to your portrait photography. Rembrandt, butterfly, side and split lighting, using grids, getting creative, learning to see (and shoot) in black and white will help you to create, learn and inspire your photography. Your studio mains flash for his photography workshop will be taking place at The Bulkeley Hotel, Beaumaris, Anglesey.

Seascapes & Sunsets in Llandudno - Roving Photographic Academy Evening

Seascapes and Sunsets in Llandudno – from piers to promenades, from architecture to artistic angles, from North Shore to West Shore, this Welshot Roving Photographic Academy Evening will have it all for those who like to be out and about with their camera capturing the beauty of the world around them.  Llandudno, Queen of the Resorts has it all for the photographer – historic piers, photogenic promenades lined on one side with a wide open expanse of the Llandudno North Shore, to the Victorian listed buildings that will provide you with the features of the colourful architecture. After photographing the pier and bay, we will then move to West Shore and there you will find rock pools and sandy beaches with a backdrop of the Welsh hills and Anglesey in distance – from which the sun will set behind, hopefully giving us a colourful sunset and magnificent light.

Macro Photography - Image is a flying insect landing on a stick

Macro photography (or close-up photography) is a photographic genre that some people struggle with but at this Welshot Photographic Academy Evening, based in the Welshot Creative Hub, Llandudno, Team Welshot will take you through step by step of everything you need to do to create some stunning macro photography images. Working with ethically sourced bugs, insects and critters and man-made objects will ensure you will still get an evening of photography if the weather is not kind – if it is, we will, at some stage of the evening, go on a bug hunt around the 16 Trinity House buildings.

Christmas Food & Product Photography

Christmas Food and Product Photography can be one of the most creative photographic genres, if not, the most cheerful. At this Welshot photographic workshop you will learn how to capture the delights of the Christmas season – from glittering Christmas trees decorated with all manner of baubles to beautifully wrapped chocolate boxes. Learn how to make images of icing sugar dusted mince pies to creating bokeh studded photos that will proudly grace your portfolio. If you are interested, this event is perfect for the photographer wanting to create and make stick images.

A Photographic Adventure at Blists Hill - WelshotRewards Day - Photo showing the buildings of Blists Hill Open Air Museum in Telford, shropshire

A Photographic Adventure at Blists Hill – This WelshotRewards Day for Members of the Welshot Photographic Academy has it all. A pure photographers delight, from architecture to portraiture, from fish and chips wrapped up in paper to Victorian Policemen willing to pose for you and your camera. A Masterclass in low-light (interior) photography and how to capture those portraits will get you started on this photographic adventure, and help you to capture the images which will tell a story of days gone by.