Spring in Cwmorthin – Walking With Your Camera – A Guided Photo Walk with Helen Iles

Grab your camera, pull on your walking boots, we’re off on a photographic adventure deep in the heart of Snowdonia, North Wales. Photography and a nature ramble – What could be better for those who love nothing more than being outside with their cameras? On this Cwmorthin – Walking With Your Camera – A Guided Photo Walk with Helen Iles we will be walking from Tanygrisiau up to Cwmorthin, which is where you will find the abandoned slate mines of Rhosydd Quarry.  This is a beautiful walk for a photographer, the scenery is nothing short of stunning and the abandoned quarry ruins and houses are hauntingly striking.  From a distance, the mountains are breath-taking in their quiet beauty, but dig a little deeper and there is a treasure trove of secrets for you and your camera.  A glimpse of a noisy and destructive industrial era long left behind and an eerie peek into the hard life of a quarry miner in the mid nineteenth century.  From landscape, to macro, from capturing the movement of waterfalls to creating abstract images – this day out, walking with your camera will not disappoint.

Seascape Photography & Nature Ramble – Talacre Beach – North Wales

Point of Ayr Lighthouse is the northernmost point of mainland Wales.  It is situated immediately to the north of Talacre in Flintshire, at the mouth of the Dee estuary.  It is to the southwest of the Liverpool Bay Area of the Irish Sea.  This is our location for our Welshot Mini Module with Masterclass which will provide the photographer with a wide variety of shooting opportunities.  Starting with a short nature ramble through natural habitats and sand dunes we will make our way towards the shoreline where the dramatic Point of Ayr Lighthouse will be our backdrop.  From making long exposures, capturing a sunset to macro and close-up photography, the only limitation will be your imagination.

It’s time to blow those Winter cobwebs away and our Seascape and Sunset Photography at fort Perch Rock at the end of the New Brighton promenade is guaranteed to do just that.  This day will delight the photographer who loves the great outdoors but with a few creature comforts close at hand.  This fun filled day with Welshot for you and your camera will provide it all.  From lighthouses to rock pools to, from street photography (if that’s your jam) to stormy seas and a spectacular sunset (fingers crossed) complete with blue hour – This afternoon will have it all for the photographer.  Join us for an afternoon of photography in New Brighton on Wirral where we will be giving our cameras a great workout. From capturing seascapes to skylines, from pirate ships to fairy gardens (and a chance to practice your macro photography) we promise you it will be worth the effort.  Remember those creature comforts we mentioned?  Why indulge (or reward) yourself with some delicious fish and chips if you feel so inclined.  We know we will be!