Lighthouse, Seascapes & Sunsets - Talacre Beach - Roving Academy Evening - Photo of the sun going down behind the lighthouse at Talacre Beach North Wales - shot through the sand dunes

Lighthouses and Long Exposure Photography. The Talacre sand dunes form the backdrop to the beach at Point of Ayr, in Flintshire, North Wales and makes for a perfect location for the photographer who loves seascapes, lighthouses and nature. The sand dunes overlook a large expanse of sand is on the western side of the River Dee and form part of the RSPB nature reserve which is popular with bird watchers and photographers alike – the Natterjack Toad is also a habitat of the sand dunes which have been designated as a site of special scientific interest. If lighthouses are your jam, then Welshot has got you covered there too – set, mid-beach the Point of Ayr Lighthouse which was built in 1776 provides a fantastic opportunity, especially if we get a sunset!