Dangerous Liaisons - Mrs Lovett by Gill McGowan

Dangerous Liaisons – Scandal, Intrigue, Mystery and Beauty – all of which surround the Women who will be portrayed by our Models in this Welshot Themed Photo-Shoot.  Covering eras from the mid 18th century to the 1950’s – this Welshot inspired themed photo-shoot will portray at least four historical/fictitious, often infamous, Women – two of which can be seen here. Mrs Lovett from Sweeny Todd and Marie Antoinette.

At this Welshot event, with at least four Models (Male and Female) we will be using costumes from different historical periods – Most of the costumes will be bespoke to Welshot, having been made, or adapted, by our Team Creative.

As well as our bespoke costumes, we will have at least four different, specifically printed backdrops, that are unique to Welshot – all with an array of props for you to use throughout the day, ensuring you will leave this event with images to be proud of.