Cosplay Meets Photography – Chester Photographic Academy Evening

It’s all about portraiture photography with a difference at this Welshot Photographic Academy Evening in Chester! If you want to learn about lighting and how to use it effectively for the different effects it can give you, then this is the session for you.  From using one light, two lights, then three, then four lights, you will learn how to “Build” your set, taking your photos as you go along and seeing the differing results that each stage gives you.  We will also be adding gels into the mix as well as modifiers.  If that’s not enough, your model(s) will be Cosplayers – dressed in unique costumes which will provide you with vibrant fun characters to capture in your camera while learning/honing your portraiture skills.  We can promise you that you will leave this photography adventure with having learnt a thing or three and a memory card full of images that you will be proud to have in your portfolio.

Food Styling & Photography - Chester Photographic Academy Evening

At the Food Styling & Photography – Chester Welshot Photographic Academy Evening you will learn learn hints, tips, techniques and the skills to take your food photography to the next level. By using a variety of lighting techniques, props and backgrounds you will learn how to style your food, and then, using in-camera composition, camera settings and functions you will make your images.  From still-life to flat-lay photography, from using creative photogenic angles to creating bokeh, from using depth of field to make crisp sharp images or blur your background – your main aim is to leave having learned a thing or three about food photography and have a selection of images worthy of any food magazine ready for your portfolio.  

Heading into the dark with your camera has never been so much fun and that’s just what we will be doing at the Long Exposure Photography – Light Painting Techniques, Chester Academy Evening with Welshot. You will be creating images painted with light using a wide variety of devices and tools such , torches, EL wire and props. We will be on location during this shoot, visiting the many historic backdrops in Chester and using them to our advantage to enhance our photographs.

Colour Photo of a group of girls from the Street Dance Troupe Autonomy in Chester - Dancing on Location Off Camera Flash Photography at the Welshot Photographic Academy Evening

Dancing on Location – Off Camera Flash Photography. Learn how to balance flash with natural lighting as you capture the movement of classically trained dancers and the award winning street dance troupe Autonomy in your camera. From long exposures to posing your models and dancers. From capturing movement to making dramatic images for your portfolio – this Welshot Academy Evening in Chester will have it all regardless of your level or skill.