Oil Water and Cross Polarisation - Creative Photography

Creative Table-Top Photography – Chester Photographic Academy Evening

At this Welshot Photographic Academy Evening you will see that oil and water do mix!  You will also see how water, bokeh, smoke from incense sticks, and using old Cd’s can make for some great photos.  By learning how to make your own filters, create bokeh, and hone your flash techniques you will make and create water droplets which can make for stunning images or even artwork.  From Macro (or Close-Up) to using different camera settings and depth of field can give you a wide variety of different looks which will not only make your photography stand out but will also help build your portfolio.   Brilliant for stock images, or craft work if that’s your jam – learning the art of creative photography not only gets you thinking a little differently but it is also satisfying and almost mindfulness-like.  It will also, undoubtedly, learning more about your camera and how to use it in more ways than one.

So, why not join us at the Chester Crowne Plaza and come and get creative with your camera – we promise it will get you thinking, get you clicking and provide you with a few hours of fun with like-minded people.  Plus, we have chips too!

Oil Water and Cross Polarisation - Creative Photography

Creative Photography is about discovering shapes, textures, colour and movement and how all these, combined together, can help you to create the most amazing photographs.  At the September Welshot Academy Evening, based at The Bulkeley Hotel, Beaumaris on Anglesey this Evening photographic workshop is all about  Oil, Water & Cross-Polarisation and how using a wide variety of everyday objects, from bottles, to coloured cloth, along with the correct settings and functions on your camera, can achieve effective images with that “WOW – how did you do that?” factor.  From fast shutter speeds to capture water droplets to long exposures so you get that milky effect with flowing water.  Tonight you will see how oil and water does mix when it comes to photography and a laptop just isn’t used for post processing and editing your images.  You will leave this event inspired and motivated to try this at home and with the skills, techniques and ideas you will have take away with you, you will be able to do just that.