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Here at Welshot Towers, we often ask members if they wish to submit images for a number of reasons, whether it be for the website, social media or for our very own magazine, Welshot Focus. This is a guide for what we need from you, and it’s surprisingly simple!

Image size is very important but there’s no need to go to too much trouble when you’re preparing your photos for submission. In the first instance, we need your photo as a JPEG. Secondly, submit your photo as a full resolution image (For the sake of this quick how-to, when we talk about a full resolution image, we need it the same pixel size as how it came out of your camera). Finally, change the file name.

Hover over your photo and about a second later, a small dialogue box will show up. This box will let you know what the file type and resolution is. Again, make sure it’s a JPEG and that the image is at its highest resolution. To change the filename? Easy. Click once on the image to select it then press F2 on your keyboard, this will allow you to type in a new filename.

The first part of the filename should be the image’s title and the second part should be your name. Please don’t title the image after an event you’ve attended, otherwise it’ll potentially end up having the same name as somebody else’s submission. As you can see here, the image is called ‘In The Shadows’ and the photographer is Jason Edwards. Therefore, the image’s filename has been changed to ‘In The Shadows Jason Edwards’.

Sending your images to Welshot

Sending images has the potential to cause problems, too. If you export photos for email, your software will most likely reduce the size and quality of the image. To avoid any chance of this happening, please always use WeTransfer, an online file transfer service that’s secure and free to use.

Go to their website (www.wetransfer.com) and select the free version – there’s no need to create an account. On the main page, select ‘Add your files’. A dialogue box will pop up and you will be directed to select the file(s) you want to attach. Enter the email address you want to send it to and then fill in your email address too. Write a small message if needed and then hit the ‘Transfer’ button. Once the file is downloaded at Welshot Towers, you’ll also get an email to confirm this.

We hope this step-by-step guide will be useful and as always, we can’t wait to see all your amazing work soon!

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