Member Showcase – Robert Jones and Building a Portfolio


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Member Showcase – Robert Jones and Building a Portfolio

Each month we showcase a Welshot Photographic Academy Member and for October 2023 it’s the turn of Robert Jones. Robert, by his own admission, prefers portrait photography to any other photographic genre. Robert also sees the value in building a portfolio, continued professional development, and believes in the benefits of… pushing his comfort levels when it comes to working with models, learning about lighting (and trying new techniques) and picking up his camera on a regular basis which will help continue and build on his skills and knowledge.

Favourite genre – Fashion & portrait photography

Robert, along with his love of fashion and portrait photography, loves to shoot in “Black & White” and his passion for both genre, and this medium shows through in the high standard and professionalism of his images. Above, and below are a selection of photographs that he took at the Welshot Creative Hub in Llandudno, North Wales on a continued professional development weekend when Katey came to visit.

Black and White Photo of Female Model lying on sofa with photographic studio lighting lighting her at a Welshot Photographic Academy Portfolio Building Session Day
Katey at a Portfolio Building Session in the Welshot Creative Hub ~ Robert Jones

Building a photographic portfolio

Robert spends his spare time attending not only Welshot events but that of other photographic studios, most recently attending a CPD weekend in Amsterdam with Peter Coulson.

Deciding early on in his photographic journey, Robert knew he wanted to build a portfolio of his images – he realised the importance of having a visual record of his improvements within his own work, but also a way of seeing what worked, what didn’t and how he could improve next time when working with a model.

Although Robert’s passion is for “Black & White” photography, he has been known to shoot in colour too…

Welshot provides you with the space to learn and develop at your own pace, with support as and when you need it to achieve your goals.

Photographing people and using lighting was an area of photography that I had always wanted to do, but never had the knowledge or confidence to try. With the guidance and support of everyone at Welshot this is no longer the case.

Robert Jones

At a Welshot themed photo-shoot

At a Welshot photographic academy themed photo-shoot we keep our delegate numbers low – making sure each group (with their own model, group leader and team leader) is self-sufficient and each delegate has PLENTY of time to shoot each model more than once or twice throughout the rotation.

Welshot opens the door to the opportunities.

All you have to do is charge your camera batteries, pack you camera bag and walk through the door!

At Welshot you don’t need to think about:

  • Looking for, communicating with, and booking models.
  • Lugging your lighting to various locations (or booking a studio)
  • Costumes and outfits – All these “Steampunk” costumes that you see above and below have been made by Team Welshot Creative at the Cambria Costume House)
  • Coming up with new ideas and concepts.
  • Sourcing props, backdrops, and building a set.
  • Buying expensive photographic lighting equipment, modifiers, reflectors and other studio kit.

So, here’s a question…

What are you going to do to build your portfolio, your skill set – what’s the one challenge (or goal) you are going to set yourself to continue and enhance your photographic journey?

Let us know in the comments below.

Lee, Eifion & The Welshot Team

  1. Sue Mannings avatar
    Sue Mannings

    I love your photos, Robert. You are a super sport and support at Welshot events. Thank you

    1. Lee Iggulden avatar

      Hello Sue

      Thank You for your comment – We love Roberts photos too and his attitude towards his learning.

      Lee & Eifion

  2. Chris Hunt avatar
    Chris Hunt

    Very nice work Robert from a fellow Peter Coulson fan 👏

    1. Lee Iggulden avatar

      Hello Chris.
      Thank you for your comment, we agree, Robert has produced some really nice work. Maybe we should all form a Pete Coulson fan club!

      Lee & Eifion

  3. Mark Powell avatar
    Mark Powell

    Great set of images

    1. Lee Iggulden avatar

      Hello Mark
      Thank you for you comment regarding Robert’s set of portrait images. We agree wholeheartedly.

      Lee & Eifion

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