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When we started Welshot in 2009 we very quickly set some ground rules about what we would and wouldn’t do at our events. Our criteria for these rules were purely based on what we ourselves would like from a photography session day, event or workshop. After once being told, that we could now start shooting, as the event organiser had now got HIS shot in the can – we quickly made it a rule that all our Team Leaders could only use their cameras for educational training purposes and lighting checks.

It’s not about our Team Leaders photography – it’s about our delegates photography!

At our Welshot photography session days, events and workshops we like to give the photographer the very best experience possible.

That, for us, means:

  • Low delegate numbers
  • Small groups (each with their own set which includes lighting, and all other related photographic equipment)
  • One (or more) Model(s) per group
  • One Team Leader per group
  • One Group Leader per group
  • Providing help, support and guidance if needed/wanted
  • Tuition and development for the beginner to photography
  • Continued professional development for those who are more advanced or who want to take their photography to the next level
  • Plenty of quality shooting time
  • Keeping to a schedule with a timetable for all to see where they are meant to be and at what time
  • Having FUN – We always say, if YOU are not having fun, not enjoying yourself, not making some great images and memories, then, we at Welshot are not doing it right!

Have you ever seen (or maybe experienced) something like the below image? We have, we see this happening ALL the time – We call it the “Free for All Approach” and it is NOT how we do it at Welshot!

A photo of a group of people all lining up to take a photo

A Welshot Rule…

At all our events, we have a rule that only one photographer shoots at a time. If it’s your turn to shoot, then you have full control of the trigger, the lighting, the Team Leader (who is there to assist you with YOUR specific lighting needs/requirements and photographic support if needed) and the model.

This is YOUR time to shoot, this is YOUR time to learn!

We also say no to piggybacking (shooting over the shoulder of the photographer who’s turn it is) at our Welshot events – this is for many reasons but the big one is that it distracts the model and he or she doesn’t know where to look. It’s one thing we’ve enforced for the last 15 years and it’s one of the things our delegates say they like about Welshot. Our delegates also like our structured and detailed timetable of the days happenings and the fact we make sure everyone has a fair shooting opportunity. Not quite a whistle, but definitely a timer of some sort – the GREEN Welshot wrist bands also act as a reminder of your group and your shooting rotation.

FULL DISCLOSURE – The above photo was taken at a Welshot event that had already finished, the lighting had all been packed up and the models, who were about to get changed, agreed to pose together so everyone could get a quirky last minute grab shot. We also wanted a photograph specifically for this blog to show just how it is NOT done at Welshot without using a stock image.

So, what was being captured in camera?

Meet our lovely ‘Welshot Models’ – Rachel Gittins and Patricia Mateus – the last shot of the day on our Welshot Does… 1960’s Fashion Shoot at Hadlow Road disused railway station on Wirral.

Two Female models sitting and posing on a fence type structure on a signal box building at Hadlow Road disused railway station

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