How To Choose A Photographic Workshop That’s Right For You?


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Photo of a group of photographers using tripods doing low-light photography at a Welshot Photographic Workshop

How To Choose A Photographic Workshop That’s Right For You?

Ever wondered how to choose a photographic workshop that’s right for you? Just do a quick Google search and you will soon realise that there are a lot of photographic workshops, courses and events to choose from – and it can be a minefield. At Welshot, we’ve a few hints and top tips to help you, which we think are important considerations. We also think, although important, cost should not be at the top of the list – It is about value for money, the help, support and guidance you will be given.

The opportunities, the plotting and the planning, the arranging and organising – all these, done for you tasks, where you only have to charge your camera battery, pop in a memory card, show up and press the shutter button all while knowing help is to hand should you needed it – is quite often priceless. Meaning you can keep a clear head for your photographic creativity. How to choose a photographic workshop that’s right for you – there’s a lot to think about and here’s a list to help you get started:

Choosing A Photographic Workshop That’s Right For You?

  • Write out what you want to learn. Before picking up a syllabus or starting your search on the internet, make a list of what it is you want to learn
  • Word of mouth. Ask your photographic friends where they get help, support and guidance from in learning how to use their camera
  • Check the syllabus. What will you learn?
  • Is specialist equipment supplied?
  • Who does the photographic tutor work for? At Welshot we ONLY work for our Academy Members. It’s all we do, full-time. We are here to teach photography and help YOU to get the best out of YOUR camera.
  • Review the instructors/organisation and feedback. How long have they been teaching photography? The Welshot Photographic Academy was established in 2009 and this is our WHY!
  • Cost – Is it value for money? How much help do you get? How long is the shoot? Are refreshments included? How many models, team leaders, delegates will be in attendance?
  • Aftercare and support – At Welshot the support you get doesn’t just apply to the photographic workshop, if you need help before we are available – if you need help or clarification after, we are available then also.
  • Are they insured? Do they get the right permits/permissions? Is their equipment PAT tested?
  • Communications. Do they reply to your emails in a timely manner? Do they answer your questions if you are asking for help? Are they clear on what will happen and when it will happen?

Why I choose Welshot Photographic Workshops – by Victoria Smith

So there I was minding my own business when I get a message from Lee – Victoria, can you sew. Even if just a little bit? My reply, yes I have a CSE in Fabric Craft, grade one – what I didn’t say, though, was just how long it was since I had done anything more than a simple hem or button. But its like riding a bike (well I hoped it was!)

A week later, a bit different from taking photos on a WelshotRewards day, which is what I’d originally planned on doing, I joined a team of ladies to spend the weekend making corsets at the Cambria Costume House in Mold, North Wales.

Lace up corsets! Lace up corsets in all shades of GREEN. It was obvious Lee was putting an idea into production. But why were Welshot making corsets and not just buying or hiring them?

Welshot offers photographic workshops, one to one photography tuition helping you to learn your camera, as well as a variety of events and courses which range from post processing and editing to themed photoshoots. The Welshot ethos is to work with other local businesses, building working relationships and collaborations in order to provide us, the members of Welshot with unique opportunities that would not normally be available to us as individuals.

In this instance, Lee was wanting something REALLY bespoke, for a very special themed photo-shoot she is plotting and planning and that meant we needed to MAKE the costumes, and by working with Paula there is also the wealth of knowledge on how to wear and dress the models so we don’t get our Victorian mixed with the Georgian (no I don’t know the difference but Paula does!!)

It is also part of the behind the scenes work that Welshot puts into all their events, choosing the themes and researching them, the backgrounds, the set dressing and venues. The same goes for the outdoor Roving Academy Evenings events the knowledge of what is available to photograph, where to go and the best angles. No turn up and winging it.

How To Choose A Photographic Workshop That's Right For You? Photo showing a group of people at the edge of the taking a photo of the Perch Rock Lighthouse

The behind the scenes also extends to the pre-event communication, letting the attendee know what to expect, suggesting equipment (nothing above and beyond just what might work best).

When Lee stops organising, Eifion and the Team Leaders take over and the knowledge flows. Help and assistance is always available and the ability to make changes just for you to get the best.

Delegate numbers are always set so there is plenty of time for each person to have quality time, no model hogging or invading someone else’s time or trying to steal the models focus, one at a time is the rule and it works. Even the most nervous (I include myself in that group) has the time to get over those ‘first shot nerves’ and come away with shots to be proud of.

And that is why I spent a weekend creating welt seams and eyelets and yes I do know the difference!

Victoria Smith – Welshot Photographic Academy Member

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